Amazon Finally Added Pakistan in Approved Sellers List

Amazon, an e-commerce giant has just finally added Pakistan in its approved sellers list. Development that has been consider as major boost to country’s e-commerce industry. Amazon’s sellers’ list will create sea of opportunities for the exporters who want to sell worldwide through the platform and also for those who are just thinking to start their business on Amazon.

Recently it was announced some weeks ago that Pakistan will be on Amazon approved seller’s list by the Adviser to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Abdul Razak Dawood. He said “We have finally made it. We have been engaged with Amazon since last year and now it’s happening. It is a great opportunity for our youth, small and medium enterprises and women entrepreneurs.”

Pakistan has remained off Amazon’s list of sellers from the start even though the neighbor countries of Pakistan were included. Before the giant e-commerce included Pakistan as sellers, Pakistani retailers used to sell their products by registering their companies from approved countries, in effort to bypass Pakistan.

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As the recent boost in the country’s e-commerce and some big platforms like Extreme Commerce and Enablers helping youth learn these skills is the best thing for Pakistan. These platforms are teaching many skills for free to under privileged people.

The inclusion of Pakistan in the Amazon seller’s list will help many small businesses and brands to sell worldwide, eventually boost Pakistan’s exports. Meanwhile, the Special Assistant to the PM on Political Information, Dr. Shehzad Gill said that the Imran khan’s government have achieved something that had not been achieved during the last 10 years of the Pakistan’s history.

“Amazon has included Pakistan in its list of sellers. With this development, Pakistan has now joined the international market. This will result in billions in investment and produce employment opportunities. Thank you Imran Khan,” He said.

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