Extreme Commerce | What is it and Where to Start?

Extreme Commerce is a Pakistan’s first EdTech startup with the purpose of making Pakistan known as ecommerce country worldwide. The company founded in 2017, having largest community of its kind with over 600,000 members till now and 100+ courses and income streams to choose from.  The Ecommerce Company believe that Pakistan should not miss any opportunity, both local and global and make country recognize as international ecommerce hub.

Extreme Commerce has a mission of generating $1billion in a service sector and ecommerce exports annually by enabling 100,000 people. The giant commerce company offers Video BootCamp (VBC), an online learning platform with over 50+ different skill development and training courses, currently used by over 120,000 people. VBC is accessible free of cost to all the underprivileged within the society and college and university students of Pakistan.

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The Man behind Extreme Commerce, Sunny Ali, has a 24 years of experience from building businesses from scratch to greater heights. He is a motivational speaker for some, mentor for others, and an expert on building and growing online businesses on global marketplaces. Sunny Ali is the first one to bring the international ecommerce in Pakistan.

Sunny Ali has personally invested $3 Million in Extreme Commerce to break the cycle of ‘Kitchen money’ and employee mindset in our society, by teaching people to create wealth by pulling business automation through Amazon FBA and gaining Digital skills that are in demand globally. Now as we have covered what is Extreme Commerce, let’s move to our second question.

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Where to Start?

Start your Extreme Commerce career by watching these 4 long videos of almost 11 hours so better get popcorns and drinks with you so you will not need to get up and yes you would not get bored as these videos are worth watching.

Watch these 4 videos in this series:

  1. Webinar1
  2. Million1
  3. Baba1
  4. Zzz2

After watching these you will have a good understanding of this Eco System. There are also some short videos VVIV available, containing very important answers of your questions and other related topics. Now as you have been done with all the videos, apply for free VBC from here, only if you are underprivileged otherwise go for paid VBC.

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Let’s assume you have got the access of the VBC, now what? Learn the skills you are interested in and want to work on and start practicing those skills. This is a golden time to learn these skills as this is the future and you will surely not want to stay behind.

When you start earning with the help of this platform, try to give back to the platform. Not only by sponsoring other students but also through guiding them.

Disclaimer: Not a paid blog but a well-wisher and student of VBC.

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  1. […] Also Read: Extreme Commerce | What is it and Where to Start? […]

  2. […] Also Read: Extreme Commerce | What is it and Where to Start? […]

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