Facebook messenger starts taking over Instagram messages in new update

Facebook last year announced to merge its three biggest chatting platforms in the world in near future, but now the company has taken its first steps to make that happen. Last Friday, according to the report in The Verge, The Facebook Messenger taking over Instagram messages.

14th of august 2020, the Instagram popping up a message saying, “There is a new way to send message on Instagram.” The update will allow users to access both inboxes of Facebook Messenger and Instagram messages at the same time.

The update is for both iOS and Android devices. Once you hit update, the regular direct message icon in the top right of Instagram is changed with Facebook messenger logo. Instagram chat colours look more beautiful than before. However, at least for some time, it’s still not possible to message Facebook from Instagram.

Recently Instagram has also released Instagram reels featured, across 50 countries. If everything goes as planned, the next step will be to combine the two services with WhatsApp.

Facebook is the most dominant player in the messaging space. According to Statista, Facebook’s WhatsApp is the world’s biggest messaging app with around two billion active users. Whereas, Facebook Messenger is the second biggest service with 1.3 billion users.

The next big move for Facebook will be merging WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, which would create 3.3 billion user super Network. What do you think about this step taken by Facebook? Would you like to merge all your Facebook apps working as one or that they remain separate? Let us know in the comments bellow.






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