WhatsApp Trick: Spy on others’ status without letting them know


WhatsApp status was rolled out nearly two years ago, but now it has become a widely used feature as people make status of everyday tasks on it.

WhatsApp Status just work like the other two apps, Facebook and Instagram stories. They stay for 24hours and you can add multiple status updates at a time just like the other two own platforms.

Like Instagram, WhatsApp don’t have an option to make group of friends who can see your stories. All contacts can see your status if you update one.

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In past, WhatsApp had rolled out a feature through which one can stop the blue tick, the read sign in messages from appearing.  But did you know that you can spy on others’ status without letting them know?

Yes, you can spy on others’ status without having them any hint about it.

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How to do it

Well, there is no rocket science in it. The same that is used for messages – open WhatsApp>Setting>Privacy> Toggle of the read receipt.

By doing this, you can view your contacts status without them knowing about it. But the drawback is, you will also not be able to see who has seen your status.

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