Google Maps New Technology Will Soon Show You How Busy a Place is Directly From Map View and Enhance Live View


Google Maps will now show you how busy a specific place is directly from map view. Maps already had a feature that let you see how busy a restaurant or different companies are. Now, you will directly see how busy a selected location is without having to search for it.

According to the company, the busyness information will surface directly on directions and on the map. This update will soon roll out on the Android, iOS, and desktop users globally.

Google is also working on a live view, a feature that operates AR (Augmented Reality) Map to help you find your way around city, to learn more about business, restaurant, or store, in the coming months.

The Search giant has announced that new changes to Google Maps will be done during the search of 2020 event. Google Maps will add guidelines such as “usually as busy as it gets” and “usually not too busy” under the location names in order to help people in the light of coronavirus pandemic.

The busyness feature had launched back in 2016. They said that the engagement with it rose up to 50 percent between March and May of this year.

Google is also working on expanding the live busyness information to more places around the world and functioning to increase global coverage by five times comparing to June 2020. The augmentation will include more outdoor places such as parks, beaches, hotels and more essential places like gas stations, grocery store and pharmacies.