Not Everyone in Your Circle is in Your Corner

“Make sure everyone in your ‘boat’ is rowing and not drilling holes when you are not looking. Know your circle.” – Unknown

Yes, you read it right. Not every person that you think cares about you gives a damn about you. They act like you mean everything to them and will always be there for you when you need them but unfortunately they are only there to see you drowning and not to give a helping hand.

When you get older you realize that it’s not important to have a lot of friends but it’s important to have true friends whom you can always relay on. Friends who will be your side when things getting harder.

Everyone have their fair share of fake friends, I had too. I believe everyone go through this at some point of their lives but do we really learn something from these so called friends? Do we try to filter our friend list? Do we even do anything to stop these toxic people from ruining our day?

I know these are a lot of questions to ask to a person who is already stressed because of their fake relations but you need to work on it. You need to sit down and think about what is good for you? Who is helping you achieving your goals? Who will be there when you need them?

You need to learn what really matters when you choose the types of people you should have in your circle.

Here are a few types of friends that you might want to avoid.

The Jealous Friend

They are jealous of your success, achievements, happiness and love you receive. They can never see you doing better than them that’s what make them jealous of you.

These types of people always look on the things others have when they should be deriving satisfaction with what they have.

Hence, spending time with these types of people will only demotivate you. Always keep an eye for such types of toxic people to avoid disturbance in your life.

The Liars

As human, we all lie sometimes. Sometime for ourselves and sometimes for others but these habitual liars leave no room for trust in a relation.

It is very disturbing to be with someone who is constantly lying to you and thinks you don’t know anything but you do and you need to stop taking their lies. Better to keep a distance from these toxic behaviour people.

The Self-Absorbed

Self-absorbed people only believe in ‘ME’ and not ‘WE’. They think only their issues matter and nothing else.  Whatever they think or say is always surrounding them. Taking care of one self is a good thing but self-absorbed people go way beyond that.

Such types of toxic behavior people can be hard to deal with. They show no interest in rest of the world. Avoid them for your own good.

The Taker

According to the Author, Adam Grant, of Give and Take, there are three types of people: takers, givers and matchers. I think the capacity of give is determined at young age, and becomes a part of your life.

While the takers, only care about what they can take from others, and that is just how they live. If you are a generous and giving, these types of people will always find a way to take from you. They will not even realize that they are taking because that is very normal for them.

The Guilt Tripper

These people have unconditional expectations from you and when you fail to fulfil their expectations, they make sure to make you feel bad about it.

They are high demanding and only know ‘me’ that you have to put your own interests on second. Friends need to be accommodating and supportive of the different changes and not just always think about their selves. 

The Friend Who Secretly Hates You

You always think of this person as your close friend, but in reality, they just secretly don’t like you nor wants the best for you. They appear as your friend for their own interests from you.

Your intuition always knows. Listen to your gut feeling and know who wants the best for you and who don’t.


Choose your inner circle wisely because they have direct effect on your life so it really should be your first priority to choose your circle wisely. Your circle not just motivates you but also make or break you. If you find this Article helpful, share it with your friends and give us your feedback.






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