Passive Income Ideas for Students in 2022 

Students’ life is all about exploring and learning new things, going on adventures, making new friends and what not and don’t forget the expensive college and tuition fees that makes it harder for students.

Passive Income can be a great way to help you with extra cash flow, whether you running a side hustle, or just looking for an extra dough every month. It also helps you earn more during the good times and have your back when you are facing cash issue. With passive income you can have money coming even when you pursue your primary job. Passive income gives you security. 

If you are a college student who is looking for some passive income ideas that can help you pay your fees or looking to have a beautiful vacations at countryside, you have just came at the right place.

Here are some passive income ideas for students to kick start their side income. By offering one of these, you will have a foundation for a good source of passive income. Let’s start:

Start a Blog

Start your own Blogs. I know not a lot of students like writing that too due to all the writing related work they need to do in their college life. But if you are someone who likes writing or have command on some good niches, which can be related to the degree you are pursuing, will help you write better.

You will be able to monetize your blog once you completed the basic requirements of Google AdSense. There are also other monetization programs that you can use on your blog for a passive income.

Start a YouTube Channel 

YouTube is the best way for passive income, especially for students. I am sure you also watch many videos on YouTube, whether it’s any music video or any vlog of your favorite vlogger, you watch it on daily basis.

Find what you are good at, what interests you, make a video on it and post it. With the help of Google AdSense, you will be able to receive the good amount of passive income depending on the views on your videos.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing will enable you to sell someone else’s products and make a fortune. Affiliate marketing works on commission. You put someone’s product on your website with content to help it reach more audience and add a backlink to the main seller’s website so a customer can buy through it.

Amazon Affiliate Partner Program is one of the best example of it. There are many products and services you can sell, and with each sell, as an affiliate marketer, you get a certain percentage as commission.


Freelancing is the fastest boosting income stream worldwide. You got any skill, you provide your services on that over the freelance marketplace. Freelance is the best option for students who are looking for a passive income.

There are 100s of freelance website available over the internet with the so many skills you can choose to provide your services on. This is the dream come true to the youth, as it’s very beneficial if you cannot stand 9-5 jobs. 

Dropshipping Store

Dropshopping is an online store that you can start even if you don’t have plenty of cash flow. But you will have to give a good amount of time if you want to earn a handsome passive income.

It is an e-commerce store where customer browse and buy products through the store. The best thing about dropshipping is you don’t need to have a product physically. In dropshipping, your supplier will handle everything from manufacturing to packaging to delivering to the customer.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing handler manages the entire online presence of the brands and businesses. SMM or DM (Digital Marketing) uses to increase sells, online presence, and for direct interaction with customers through Social sites.

SMM is very important for the businesses that makes it highly demanding. Learn some skills of digital marketing and start working as digital marketer.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is an amazing skill that students can learn and provide their services on. Everyone needs a graphic designer to design their logos, visiting cards for their businesses etc. 

There are a lot of online mentors whom you can learn from. I personally like GFXMentor. If you are a newbie, you will love his videos.

Create an Online Course

If you have command on any subject or any skill, you can make a course on it and sell it online. Make it presentable to your targeted audience and be professional over what you sell. You can sell your course through social media or any site, however you like.

Sell Professional Photos Online

If are a good photographer and you love taking photos and still not making money, what are you actually doing? You can sell photos online to websites like ShtterStock and iStockPhoto and earn a good amount of passive income.

You can also print your photo designs on items like t-shirts, mugs, hats and sell them on online stores and start earning.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant works vary from companies to companies. Generally it evolves assisting the clients but if the company is based on some online store, then you might have to deal with everything from suppliers to customers.

You can be a virtual assistant of more than one business. That’s solely depends on you. VA is currently on demand and best way to have passive income.

Build Your Own Website    

Building your own website can be a reliable source of passive income. You can use it as your portfolio, make it your marketing agency, use it as entrepreneur, or create online courses, all depends on you.  

However by building your own website, you have more control on what you sell, and how much money you make through it.

Flip Websites

Are you good at building websites? If so, you can make a passive income by selling them. Make a portfolio of websites you have made, show them to the interested buyers and you are good to go.

If you have great design skills and put out some amazing content to showcase, you will find someone who is willing to buy the site from you. You can also flip your website on, its amazing marketplace.






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