Visual ChatGPT Review: Pricing, Features and Alternatives

Introducing Visual ChatGPT, a remarkable alternative to ChatGPT brought to you by Microsoft. This innovative AI tool combines the power of multiple Visual Foundation Models (VFMs) to deliver an unparalleled experience of both textual and image outputs. 

By emulating the intricate visual system of humans, from basic to advanced visual features, it comprehends user input and generates relevant images and text in response. Trained using cutting-edge technologies, this model produces text that closely resembles human-like communication. It goes beyond image generation, allowing users to modify images by cropping elements, changing backgrounds, and adding new elements. 

Official Website:
Company Name:Microsoft
Launch Date:2022
Category:Image Generation Tools

Visual ChatGPT Features

Microsoft’s advanced AI model with an array of cutting-edge features. Experience its capabilities firsthand:

  • Image analysis: Visual ChatGPT comprehends and responds to user-uploaded images.
  • Image editing: Easily crop, add elements, and customize images within the platform.
  • Text-to-image generation: Transform text inputs into stunning visuals and vice versa.
  • Complex query handling: Tackle intricate prompts and receive accurate and detailed responses.

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Real-world applications of Visual ChatGPT are vast and impactful

Visual ChatGPT opens up a world of possibilities across various industries, revolutionizing image generation and editing. Serving as a viable alternative to established software like Photoshop and Lightroom, it offers unparalleled capabilities. Let’s explore some practical applications:

  • Enhanced customer experience: Integrate Visual ChatGPT into online platforms as a virtual assistant or chatbot, enhancing customer support and engagement.
  • Streamlined e-commerce operations: Drive efficiency and productivity by leveraging Visual ChatGPT to streamline e-commerce activities and business operations.
  • Trend insights for influencers: Stay ahead of the curve by utilizing Visual ChatGPT to gauge current trends and align personal style with followers’ interests.
  • Dynamic virtual instruction: Empower education through virtual instruction and online courses, leveraging the expertise of Visual ChatGPT as a virtual instructor.
  • Remote healthcare solutions: Doctors can rely on Visual ChatGPT to provide remote treatment capabilities, ensuring patients receive care even when unable to visit the hospital. It also aids in diagnosing patients effectively.
  • Instant image editing for creators: Enable photographers and content creators to edit and share images seamlessly using Visual ChatGPT.

Visual ChatGPT Pricing

With Visual ChatGPT, you have the privilege to create and customize images to your heart’s content, all free of charge. And that’s not all! You can even download these images without any fees.

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What is Visual ChatGPT used for?

Visual ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool that seamlessly transforms your written prompts into stunning images. By leveraging advanced VFMs and machine learning techniques, it generates relevant visuals that align perfectly with your vision. Not only does it create images, but it also offers editing capabilities to refine your creations. It also provides valuable feedback, ensuring your output exceeds expectations.

How is Visual ChatGPT different from other image creators?

In a league of its own, Visual ChatGPT stands out among other AI image generators. Its remarkable ability to effortlessly handle intricate queries sets it apart. Whether it’s simple or complex input, it consistently delivers precise and accurate results. What’s more, it can tackle multiple tasks simultaneously, allowing you to maximize productivity. With the added benefit of providing valuable feedback, it empowers you to achieve outstanding outcomes with every uploaded or generated image.

Is Visual ChatGPT free?

Absolutely! Visual ChatGPT is completely free to use. You have the freedom to generate and download images without spending a single penny!

Can I download Visual ChatGPT on mobile devices?

No, Visual ChatGPT is exclusively available as an online web application. It does not have a mobile app for Android or iOS users, meaning that it cannot be downloaded or installed. Users can access and utilize Visual ChatGPT online, either through their desktop or mobile phones.

Are Visual ChatGPT and ChatGPT the same?

It is not associated with or derived from ChatGPT, which is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT’s primary function is to engage in conversational interactions with humans, whereas Visual ChatGPT focuses on creating images from text. These two products have distinct purposes and are developed by different entities.


Visual ChatGPT offers a range of features tailored for photographers, artists, and content creators. It swiftly generates impressive images based on provided text inputs, delivering results in mere seconds. Additionally, users have the ability to edit these images by issuing appropriate commands to the tool.

While Visual ChatGPT exhibits remarkable capabilities, it currently lacks advanced functionalities. Experts suggest that the integration of a self-correcting module would be beneficial, ensuring that the responses generated by Visual ChatGPT align with human objectives. Such an enhancement would enable Visual ChatGPT to provide more precise information, especially for complex queries. Nonetheless, the platform remains highly recommended for those seeking to create stunning images.