WhatsApp is in a Final Stage of Testing for the Multiple Devices Feature: Reports


WhatsApp multiple devices feature has been on rumours since last year which aimed at allowing users to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices, is reportedly in its final stages of testing for iOS, Android, and Desktop.

The reports says that some aspects regarding the update, like the possibility to sync the chat history and muting chats on different devices, are still not ready. But some are ready.

According to WABetainfo, the function is in the final stage of development. And next step will be the launch of WhatsApp open beta test. The source encourages using a beta version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS for anyone looking to try out the features.

What we know about the function at the moment is that one WhatsApp will be able to work on four different devices individually.

What will be the advantage? You will not need an internet connection on the main phone. You can stay connected on WhatsApp desktop or any other devices without an internet connection on the main device.

While earlier reports did not clarify if the primary phone need to be connected to the internet, the new information confirms that each device will be connected independently.

WhatsApp is also said to be planning a new modern UI for the desktop user. The publication shares a screenshot where a WhatsApp desktop user shows how the chat history is migrated from the user’s device to a PC and notes the process is end to end encrypted.

The app last week also doubled the number of participants in a video or voice call from four to eight people at a time on its platform. To access the new limit on WhatsApp calls, the user need to update the latest version of Application available on their Android or iOS.