Why Is Keyword Research Important For SEO?

Why Is Keyword Research Important For SEO?

For SEO, Keyword research is fundamental to rank anything on internet. Keyword research is an ingredient that goes in every dish of SEO. Before jumping into why keyword research is important in SEO, let’s discuss what keyword research is.

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is a process of searching word and phrases aka “Keywords” that helps to rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. keyword research helps to get specific targeted audience to reach your blog and business.

If the chosen keywords for your blog do not relate to your website or niche and you have placed those keywords into your blog post then your blog may rank higher in search for short time but for the long term, you may lose traffic and users will not stick to your site.

What Are SEO Keywords?

SEO Keywords are used in online content in order to improve search engine ranking for these terms. Most keywords are uncovered during the keyword research and then picked based on that keyword search volume, commercial target, and competition. When SEO Keywords researched and improved thoroughly, it act as a direct pipeline to connect your target audience with your website.

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Why Unique Content Is Important For SEO?

Having a unique content on the internet shows the quality of the content your website produce. Your content should be different from others and more helpful that will eventually make your site unique and increase the ranking of the page. Unique content plays an important role in ranking the website on search engines.

Search engines changes their algorithms of evaluation of content according to the uniqueness, quality, and relevance of the topic from time to time. As a result, they give a judgement about the content and ranking to the page. Depending on the judgement, the page ranking is decided by search engines.

Why SEO Analysis And Strategy Is Important?

SEO is the most important factor of ranking your website on search engines. The SEO analyze shows which are the weak points of the website and how you can improve the ranking of the website and start generating more leads. However, an SEO strategy enables you to pre-decide the approach that will help your website to rank and grow more traffic.

Tips Of Keyword Research Process For Your Business   

Make a list of keywords that you already rank for and those you want to rank for. One of the easy way of follow is PIE method. PIE abide by Protect, Improve, and Expand.

Protect: This part covers the keywords that you already rank for and wants to maintain the position on search engines. This might be your brand name or keywords of your blogs and articles.

Improve: This part covers the keywords that your website might rank beyond the first page search result engines and increase the position of your blog. All it takes only a proper keyword targeting and boom!

Expand: This part is for keywords that work well in your PPC campaigns but does not have an organic traffic in your business. They don’t rank and kind of new in your campaign.

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Type of Keywords In SEO

How do you know if the keyword that you have chosen will rank on google? You actually don’t. What if the keyword that you have chosen is too competitive? Because if you choose a keyword that is very competitive, you might not able to pass the Google’s third page. But if you can find a keyword that is less competitive, you have a good chance of ranking in the top 3.

With being said that, Here is how you to figure out a Keyword’s SEO difficulty.

To make it simple for you, divide keywords into three categories: head, body, and long tail keywords.

Head Keywords

These are single-word keywords with lots of search volume and competition. Ranking on single-word keywords is not easy. Example of Head keywords are “freelancing” or “job”. Someone searching for freelancing might be looking for a freelance projects or freelance marketplace or anything related to it. Head Keywords usually don’t convert very well.

Body Keywords

Body Keywords are 2-3 word phrases that get good search volume and they are more specific than head keywords. Keywords like “freelance projects” get more specific search results and easy to rank than one-word keywords.

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are 4+ word phrases that makes it very specific. Phrases like “freelance content writing projects” and “content writing online jobs” are the examples of long tail keywords. These keywords don’t get a lot of search volume (usually around 10-2000 per month). Long tail keywords make up the majority of keyword searches online.

All of these three have their own pros and cons. Try all three and see what works for you. But when it comes to least competitive, long tail keywords are easy to rank on search engines.

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