7 Rangi Formula | Complete Formula to Win Freelance Projects

As freelancing is no more considered as “side-hustle” or alternative for jobless people, the ratio of freelancers are increasing as people are getting more aware of how freelancing works. Even the pandemic also forced people to prefer work from home than going to their 9 to 5 jobs.

In such circumstances, freelancing is a one good way of providing your services through these freelancing platforms and make money from it.

You can start freelancing right now by making your account in any freelance website, that’s easy. But getting orders through your account and making yourself known in a market, that is where required the 7 Rangi formula.

7 Rangi Formula, a formal process to win projects on freelance marketplaces such as: Fiverr, Upwork, guru, peopleperhour and many more. It is a bidding example, if you follow it intelligently you can earn the client’s response and their business. Here is the complete formula that could help you win your next freelance project.

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Complete 7 Rangi Formula to Win Freelance Projects


For Example, Hello James! , _____________

Restating Employer Project

James, I understand that you need a well research article and covering all the main points of this topic. I also understand that you need this article for your website so you expect top quality Article from the selected freelancer. _____________

Introduce Yourself

I own a content writing agency, and have been working with different organisations around the world. You can check out my work from here (marketplace website name) gives brief description about my dedication and commitment to my clients. _____________

What you can do for the Employer?

I can research and write this article for you in 2 working days. The article will be SEO optimized to help you rank on search engines. You will also get unlimited revisions till you are 100% satisfied. _____________


You can check my diversified portfolio at (link). _____________


I have a question for you, what is your target keyword? _____________

Bid Closing

Looking forward for your kind response and doing business with you, thank you. _____________

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I hope you get the point how to use this formula to get orders through some best freelancing platforms online and how to attract buyers to get more projects.

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  1. […] Also Read: 7 Rangi Formula | Complete Formula to Win Freelance Projects […]

  2. […] Also Read: 7 Rangi Formula | Complete Formula to Win Freelance Projects […]

  3. […] Also Read: 7 Rangi Formula | Complete Formula to Win Freelance Projects […]

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