Best Freelancing Platforms for Pakistani Freelancers

Through Freelancing platforms, the way of working is changing rapidly, globally. You can work anywhere, at any time and how much you want to work, all in your fingertips.

As technology is advancing, remote working is more popular than ever. Freelance platforms not just provide more jobs but also ease the way of working for everyone.

These platforms have gain more popularity in last few years. One can sign up on freelance websites and earn money depending on their skills and ability to adjust their work with different time zones. Why time zones? Because the employers can be from different time zones as you are so it also matters a lot.

Now before jumping to the main topic, let’s start from some most asked questions from the people who are thinking to start their freelancing career.

What is freelancing and how does it work?

Freelancing means to work as an independent rather than to be employed by someone else. Freelancers are self-employed and often introduced as independent contractors.

An individual freelancer can offer his services to the clients through freelance websites, with resources of the third-party which take a cut of the pay from your earnings. There are many freelancing platforms for Pakistani freelancer to make money online.

What skill is best for freelancing and how can I do freelancing in Pakistan?

Any skill in which you are very good or passionate will work for you. Your success chance will increase to 60% if you freelance in what you are good at.

Some of the high demand freelancing skills are mentioned below:

There are many other high demand freelancing skills that you can offer your services on and starting earning through them.

Now how can you start doing freelancing in Pakistan? It’s pretty easy.

  • Start with making an account in a freelance platform (the lists of sites is given below).
  • Choose a skill to work online.
  • Build yourself as a brand.
  • Make a perfect portfolio.
  • Build Professional relationships.

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Now for your relief, we have compiled a list of best freelancing platforms for Pakistani freelancers where you can work and earn money. Here is the list:

The is one of the oldest freelancing sites in Pakistan and also most trustworthy for all freelancers in Pakistan and in the world. If you are thinking to start freelancing career, it will be best place for you to start.

With more than 49 Million employees and freelancers globally, makes it one of the largest freelancing platform. You will find variety of projects there like content writing, logo designing, web developing and many other projects you can find there to work.

This site helps you to bid for the project that you find best for yourself. Sign up on from here.

The has more than 12 Million freelancers makes it one of the largest freelancing platform globally with more than 2 Million jobs posted annually.

Upwork formerly known as Elance-oDesk, is an American freelancing website. It provides very high quality of service and the fees they charge for projects are also very low. Through this website, you can get a lot of jobs that may vary from hourly to fixed projects.

For projects, you only have to make an appealing profile on that should be authentic and attract more buyers. You can sign up from here.

For beginners, is one of the best freelance website. The amazing thing is you can create gig as low as 5$. This may turn out to be money making platform if you are not even very good in your skills.

Fiverr is widely successful and popular website in Pakistan with millions of freelancers. Not only in Pakistan but also in US, Fiverr comes under the list of 100 most well-known websites where people make money.

Fiverr also allows you to hire any sort of work and also sell services of all types and lets you earn a significant amount. For meeting the freelance platform requirements you have to sign in from here to register yourself as a freelancer.

This freelance platform brings together people who are looking for or offering services of content writing, seo, website development or logo designing etc., at the beginning of every month all freelancers are given 15 proposal credits completely free. You can forward 15 proposals to different clients in a month. For every proposal sent, one credit is used up even if the buyer does not accept your proposal.

This is a British company and works almost same as every other freelancing websites. Jobs here also vary from hourly to fixed price. You can sign in from here to register yourself in this freelance platform.

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You can select your skills from many given categories to any specific field in which you are interested. All you need to do is make your profile and submit quotes for the job. Make an interesting and compelling quotes to impress the clients because they will go through your profile and only select you if you fit in their set criteria.

The website payment method is based on whether you want it on hourly basis or break your task into milestones. You will be able to set payment for every milestone you receive. It also permits to carry private conversation with clients.

You can sign up from here and start your freelance career now. is a best freelance website for beginners. The site connects the designers with the employers of the organization. To enhance the skills of the designers, this website also provides tutorials, toolkits, tips and tricks.

Through this website, instead of browsing through the portfolios and profiles, clients crowd-source their project and set a budget. The designers after briefly reading the requirement of the project submit their design. The client choose the best design and the designer who got selected, gets paid for their design.

Even if you don’t manage to win the competition, the designs you make will be an addition in your portfolio. If you want to start your designing career to do freelance, sign up from here. is an addition in a freelance platforms. Just like every other freelancing website it has many paid jobs to offer of different fields such as: computer and IT, data entry, software development, project management, editing, proofreading and writing, etc.

Freelancers can post jobs or market their services to potential buyers. However, the website is not free to work. This freelancing website has different plans and packages that users have to subscribe to access to freelance jobs.

Their services start from $14.95 per month. You can sign up from here.

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The is the best platform for writer, editor, blogger or proofreader. The jobs are only provided in a writing category as name suggests.

The website has freelance writing job board with the ads of available jobs for the freelancers. You can easily find the job and apply for it.

The is one of the newest and best for highly experienced freelancers for software development, UI designs, UX designs, eCommerce website development, blockchain development and cryptocurrency development services, etc.

Toptal claims to only accept 3% of the applicants. The work quality and rates of this platform is much, much higher than other freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, you name it. This is a pretty good place if you get selected.

For this platform, you can apply as a designer from here.

The is very different from other freelancing websites and that’s what makes it unique. This is a market place for online and offline freelancers. From high technology to personal hygiene, from administrative to construction, this market place offers almost every type of job.

You can create your account on this platform to start applying for jobs online and offline, as you like!


Do you want to work at your own timelines? Do you think what you are earning is not enough and you can earn way more with the skills you have? Do you want your time and energy to be saved and wish to do work without letting yourself get drained?

Well, we young generation just got lucky because of these platforms. These freelancing websites not just help us for getting more work and more money but also let us interact with people from different part of the world and do business with them.

Freelancing platforms are the gold mine for Pakistani freelancers. You just need to know how to dig out gold from the mine! I hope this article “Best freelancing platforms for Pakistani Freelancers” will be very helpful to you and you earn mighty amount with the help of these freelancing platforms.

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