How to Do Dropshipping in Pakistan

Dropshipping is a type of retail business where seller receives the orders from customers but does not keep the stock. In Dropshipping, You don’t need to physically have a product to sell it. It is one of the most emerging business model in the world right now.

People are doing different type of online businesses, Dropshipping is one of them. If you want to start Dropshipping from Pakistan, now is the best time. Doing Dropshipping from Pakistan is almost same as doing from any other country. You don’t need a manufacture products and to buy them from someone in advance to supply to customer. All you need is a stable internet connection and online store to sell and you are good to go.

Learning how to do Dropshipping, and then implementing it with any type of wander, is not very easy.  However, it is a great step to start and to make something out of it. You can build a sustainable income through Dropshipping. Let’s take a deep dip in Dropshipping and understand how you can do it from Pakistan.

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Steps on How to Start a Dropshipping Business in Pakistan

Commitment to a Dropshipping Business

This business model required a significant commitment and long term mindset. If you are thinking you will start earning a six figure income in six weeks, you will be highly disappointed. Have a realistic approach towards investment needed and potential for profit. Following this approach will be much less likely to discourage you.

Choose a Niche

Selecting a perfect niche for Dropshipping is very important. A niche with good sells and less competitive that focus on customers need and which has less shipping cost.  New products and niches are emerging every week, you will not be out of opportunities while doing Dropshipping. Always research about niche before starting.

Do Competitive Research    

Before starting drophipping in Pakistan, make sure that the product is not available in local market and there should be a good demand of the product. Also check the online marketplaces who sells that product and their monthly sells. Once you know who is your competitor and how much is they selling, you will be able to make a counter plan to rank the product on your site with proper SEO to get sells.

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Find Reliable Supplier

In Dropshipping, Supplier has a very important role to play. He has to manage the manufacturing, your inventory, and delivering to customers on time. Working with a wrong supplier will be bad for your business. It is possible that your supplier will be based in china, so the communication and understanding between both of you will play the major role in your business.

Build Your Own E-Commerce Store  

The amazing part of dropshipping is you will have to build your own website and start dropshipping through it. The site you have made, will be filled with the chosen niche/products so it can attract the buyers. You can build your own E-commerce store or hire someone to build a professional E-commerce site for you.

Create a Marketing Plan

Now as you have done with the niche and website, next step will be the marketing. You will need to market your product so the customer can know what it is about and how it can solve their problems. You can market through social sites like Facebook, Instagram or you can hire social media marketer to do it for you. Doing this will help you generate more sells.

A proper SEO to rank your site and products is also very important for your dropshipping store. It will also help you to compete with other brands. It is an easy way to get more sells by doing dropshipping in Pakistan.

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Optimize and Analyze

Optimize and Analyze includes Google Analytics, traffic and sells etc. by optimizing your products, it will be easy for the customer to find it and order it. If your E-commerce store is user friendly, it will get more traffic and eventually sells go up.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dropshipping

Advantages of Dropshipping

  • Your inventory will be manage by Supplier.
  • Supplier will manufacture, store, and ship to the customer.
  • You will not have to deal with all the hard work, as most of the work will be handled by supplier.
  • Your hours will be save.
  • Remote operations will be possible through dropshipping. You will be able to deal with all the queries remotely.
  • You can expand the business without any hassle. However, you have to manage the customer support and keep your website up to date.

Disadvantages of Dropshipping

  • You have limited control over your business as most of the work will be done by the supplier.
  • Compromised quality and service will be harmful for your business. So having a professional supplier will be very important.
  • As you will be handling the customer support by yourself there will also some issues where you have to contact the supplier.
  • Limited customization in the product.
  • A lot of Investment and cost required.

Wrapping Up

It is a retail business where seller sells products online to their potential customers and does not hold any physical inventory. You can dropship anything that is not easily accessible in the local market. Before starting it make sure you understand the complete model and have a reliable supplier. This business model require a lot of effort and money but once it is in profit, you will be earning just by sitting at home.

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